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Border Issues Management Program (BIMP)


Border Issues Management Program

Border Issues Management Program

The evolution of the Texas International Produce Association and Texas produce industry

What are some specific examples of issues that BIMP is currently working on?

  • Streamlining the FDA inspection process
  • Expanding FDA/industry lab capacity
  • Promoting FDA/APHIS rapid truck clearance programs
  • Improving USDA/APHIS inspection capacity
  • Improving CBP inspection policies and practices
  • Targeting APHIS bottlenecks with insect identifiers
  • Addressing truck overweight issues
  • Addressing truck/cargo security
  • Helping members understand the Food Safety Modernization Act, including the Foreign Supplier Verification Program which shifts safety responsibility from government to private sector
  • Working to eliminate pallet rejection issues
  • Minimizing risk from invasive foreign pests, citrus greening/canker/other bacterial, fungal and viral diseases
  • Working with the Dept. of Commerce to maintain the Tomato Suspension Agreement
  • Coping with FDA’s Food Facility Registration and Issue of “US Agent” Responsibilities
Border Issues Management Program
BIMP was developed to address the rapidly growing number of international trade/port-of-entry issues faced by importers/exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables.
The number and complexity of government regulations and requirements has greatly outpaced the federal government’s ability to efficiently enforce our laws. This, combined with rapidly expanding produce shipments, is a recipe for gridlock at our ports-of-entry. TIPA has the necessary state and federal connections and lobbying experience to help level the playing field for our members.

What key things should I know about BIMP?

  • It is strictly voluntary;
  • It is similar to the long-standing Nogales program, but costs less;
  • It recognizes that what Texas ships is over 60 percent Mexican imports;
  • It recognizes that Texas F&V imports are expanding rapidly, but the national economy ensures government infrastructure is not;
  • It recognizes that no other group or organization is working for Texas produce importers and customs brokers;
  • It recognizes that what’s good for Texas importers/brokers is generally good for Mexican suppliers;
  • It ensures any proprietary data collected by BIMP will be held in strict confidence;
  • It gives grower/shippers/brokers/importers on both sides of the border a proven, respected advocate for their issues;
  • Most importantly, it gives Texas produce importers a unified powerful voice to meet our many challenges

What is the cost to join BIMP? 

The cost to join BIMP will be calculated based on the number of loads (2.5 ton or larger) crossed per year. Members will be assessed $8 per load with a minimum number of 250 loads/year (or $2000/year) and a maximum cap of 1250 loads/year ($10,000 per year). No member will pay more than $10,000 per year. Any BIMP member meeting the minimum threshold of 250 trucks or more automatically receives full membership in the Texas International Produce Association. Each participating importer will have a seat on the BIMP governing council and will be able to help guide BIMP’s actions and policies.

For more information on TIPA’s Border Issues Management Program, please call (956) 581-8632 or go to