//TIPA Annual Summer Golf Tournament Sold Out

TIPA Annual Summer Golf Tournament Sold Out

Once again we’ve maxed out the number of golfers in the tournament at 100 participants!! A huge thank you to all the companies, players, and sponsors that have committed their support to this great event.

TIPA’s annual summer golf tournament is one of many ongoing initiatives that promotes community, camaraderie & provides networking opportunities for the Texas produce industry. The tournament provides an informal and fun setting which attracts attendees from throughout the entire produce supply chain.  If you plan on attending, you will no doubt see folks you interact with every day.  You may also meet some people you don’t yet know but that you could & should be working with on a daily basis.

We’re still looking for sponsors for our goodie bags. Koozies, water bottles, salty snacks, candy, gum, those types of things.  But something new this year, we’re looking to add fresh fruit & vegetable items to those bags!  Mangos, carrots, bananas – anything that can be thrown in the bags and easily eaten on the golf course. If your company deals in these items or something similar that we can use, please reach out to myself or Hector Garza about donating. After all, what better way to promote the industry than by sharing our products with others.

Thank you all for your commitments and I look forward to seeing everyone out on the golf course.


Dante Galeazzi
TIPA Chairman

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