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I. Basic Contact Info
II. Membership Type

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Membership Description

This category includes members who ship DOMESTIC fruits and vegetables. Dues are computed at the rate of $0.0675 per 1,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables shipped in the past year. (Dues shall not be less than $675 nor more than $4,200 per year.) If a member is both a shipper and a grower, he shall join as a shipper member and simply list crops grown in the profile section.

$0.0675 per 1,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables shipped in the past year.
This category includes members who ship at least 250 loads (2.5 ton truck or larger) of FOREIGN GROWN fruits and vegetables. Dues are calculated at $8/load. Dues shall not be less than $2000 (250 loads) and no greater than $10,000 (1250 loads) per year. Invoiced monthly by TIPA.
$8 per load

This classification includes members who are strictly growers of fruits and/or vegetables. Grower members shall pay fifty cents ($0.50) per acre of production. Dues shall be no less than $50 and no greater than $1,000.

($0.50) per acre of production

This classification includes shippers who have less than $600,000 in gross annual sales (i.e. gift fruit shipper, fund raiser, etc.).

$300 annually

Dues: $750 annually

This classification includes any individual employee of a regulatory agency, the Extension Service, a college, a university, a trade school, or other organization involved in education.

$100 annually

This classification includes any city or county government entity.

$2,000 annually
III. Payment Options

Shippers who are also growers shall not pay Grower Member dues in addition to Shipper Member dues.

IV. Authorized Representative

Article III of the By-laws provides that each member shall appoint an Authorized Representative to represent it in all matters pertaining to the Association. Such Authorized Representative shall have one vote on all matters requiring balloting by members of the Association at general and special meetings of the membership. The Authorized Representative shall be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or to serve as a Division Chairperson.

V. Divisions

Members of any classification can choose to be a part of the Shipper, Transportation and/or International Trade Divisions. List an organization representative for each chosen Division. Your organization's representative may be the same person for each chosen Division or may be a different person. Your chosen representative is eligible to serve on the Division Council. Each Division will elect a representative Council as defined by the Policy & Procedure Manual.

The Shipper/Importer Division will generally address matters concerning harvesting, transportation, packing, marketing, post-harvest handling and diseases, environmental concerns, grade and quality standards, insurance, taxes, finance, labor, applicable laws and regulations, packaging and unitization/palletization, as examples.

The International Trade Division will primarily focus upon matters relating to importing and exporting fruits and vegetables. Examples of topics that may be addressed by this Division include tariffs and duties, border crossing fees and related costs, sanitary and phytosanitary concerns, insurance, foreign country restrictions limiting exports, applicable laws and regulations, transportation, packaging, marketing, NAFTA and WTO.

VI. Profile Information For Membership Directory
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VI. Business Type

Please check all that describe your type of business.

VIII. Produce Handled and/or Shipped

Please check all fruits and vegetables that you handle.


Please make checks payable to Texas International Produce Association, and mail to 901 Business Park Dr., Suite 500, Mission, TX 78577.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please call our offices at 956.581.8632.

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